Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to prepare crockery and linen for the dinner party?

We can provide all crockery, cutlery and linen. However, if you prefer to use your own, we are happy with that. Although for food presentation we use plates that suit the dishes and show them off well so we recommend using our plates.

Are there any hidden costs?

All costs are outlined including extras and discussed prior to the booking. There are no hidden costs.

How can I inform my guests what the dishes are?

We send you a personalised menu prior to your event so you can discuss the menu choices with your party.

Can I choose my own menu or do I need to follow your sample menu?

The service is bespoke, you can choose any dishes from any of our sample menus. We will work together and discuss all options on how the courses will work together and decide on vegetable garnishes to your requirements.

Do you provide a vegetarian or vegan option or guests that have dietary requirements?

Yes of course. If you have guests with special dietary requirements this is no problem. Please be sure to ask all your guests prior to the evening and let us know in good time.

Do I need to set the table or clean up?

No, all of the work is done by us. You sit back and relax. The team will arrive a couple of hours before the dinner party is due to start and set everything up ensuring cutlery and glassware are polished and placed. After the dinner party the table is cleared away and the kitchen is cleaned and left how it was found. To ensure the smooth running of your experience we request the kitchen and dining area clear and ready for use by our team.

Should I create a centre piece?

The table looks finished with a centre piece. This is totally up to you, most people like to do this themselves as you know what will work with your house. However, if this something you would like us to organise, we can do this at an extra cost.

Who will serve the food?

Where required we provide waiter service depending on the party size. We have a great team of professional, highly experienced and friendly staff that will serve you a memorable experience.

Shall we tip?

Tipping is totally at your own discretion. It is not expected however it is appreciated. Tips are not included in the price of the dinner party. The staff take all tips for themselves.